Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Christmas 2015

♥ Jones family Christmas card 2015. From us to you. ♥
Happy New Year!

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Mommy's Mummy

As usual, I was overly excited for Halloween. I didn't have any costume inspirations for Jett and was getting a little worried, unlike last year where he was the cutest Charlie Brown. Side note: This year would've been a good year for that costume since The Peanuts Movie would've helped people recognize what his costume was, not mention you can easily finally find a stuffed Snoopy in stores now! That was a fiasco. Anyway, I settled on the idea of a mummy since I figured that would be easy to throw together and wouldn't be a common costume. Uhh, I was wrong!...about the easy part. There was a LOT more work involved than I had anticipated and pretty much made the costume 3 times in a few days. By hand. Like hand-sewn via needle and thread ridiculousness. I originally had leggings for the bottom clothing but after discovering material sewed on to leggings doesn't make them stretch anymore (read as "not allowing my child to even get into his costume") meant I had to bag that idea and start all over on the pants by covering up a pair of Jett's gray sweatpants. And the sewing! Oh the sewing! It seemed endless and became a lot more extensive than my plan of just tacking down a few places here and there. Let's just say I'm glad it turned out so cute in the end! That made my 2 A.M. stay-ups watching horror flicks well worth it. At the end of Halloween night when Jett had enough trick-or-treating, we ended up cutting Jett out of his costume rather than fight to preserve it while forcing it off. I don't think either of us minded. So long mummy!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Pumpkin Patching

Jett's pumpkin patch pictures turned out so cute that I had to create a Halloween greeting card for the fam.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Dude Status

We couldn't wait until Jett's birthday in September to buy him a balance bike, so July it was! We also figured with it being summer, that he'd have more time to use it before the weather gets colder. Jett was SO excited about his bike because he sees big brother Gage on his. After seeing how adorable he looks on it, I was happy we didn't wait longer. Here's hoping Jett can get the hang of things and actually do some gliding instead of just mom and dad pushing him by the seat. Pro BMXer in the making!

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Independence Day

This year, Independence Day had a whole new meaning. Jett must have gotten word about what day it was because he decided that was the day for escaping from his crib. There were no warm-ups or trial sessions going on over the course of a few weeks or days; nope, my little turkey figured out to climb over the front of his crib railing and down the other side without falling. Freeeedom!
This discovery came about when I was woken from my Saturday slumber in the wee hours of the morning by my bedroom doorknob being fidgeted with. I was home alone since Jake had not gotten home yet from his shift at the hospital and was a bit frightened by who was trying to get in my room! I cautiously opened my door, and there was the little stinker butt in all his glory, acting casual as if it was just like any other morning. I didn't think much of it and chalked it up to luck, but then came his nap time that afternoon...which also became my nap time, as those glorious hours frequently do. Once again, I was woken from my slumber, but this time, it was from a crashing sound in the kitchen. Jake, who was home sleeping by then, got to be the one to investigate the paranormal activity this time, and there he found Jett in kitchen, climbing up on our counters and had knocked off a glass left out from the night before. I knew from that day on that Jett wasn't going to stay put in his crib again. We gave in to the inevitable and took the front panel off his crib to convert it into a toddler day bed, and in the end, I'm not sure who ended up being more excited about Jett's new big boy or him? He loved being able to climb into bed from his waist level while I discovered I'd finally get to smother him at night while he's sleeping without having to half-way dive into his crib, desperately trying to reach his forehead for kisses. Win-win! Big boy bed success! 
...Oh, and for the record, we ingeniously wedged a baby gate in his bedroom doorway to still keep him contained to avoid future kitchen mishaps. Works great...except for having to hurdle over it multiple times a day.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Baby to Boy

 Jett's first haircut where he transformed from a baby into a toddler boy! So adorable but tugs at my heart strings a bit to see him look so grown up.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Easter Buddies

Since Jake and I would be gone over Easter weekend (post to come!), we took the kiddos to Lehi's Easter Egg Hunt the weekend before so I wouldn't feel too guilty about Jett missing such a fun Easter tradition. The weather was so nice that Jett even got to wear one of his new summer outfits, even though the matching shorts were a bit too big for his buns. I was a little worried lil' gipper wouldn't know what to do during the egg hunt, but he was a champ and picked up the concept pretty well and ended up with a nice basket of eggs to show off. No pushing or shoving other kids needed, which I was fully prepared to do to make sure my boy got some eggs! I also thought for sure that Jett would have some Dug moments (dog in Disney/Pixar's Up) where he'd be heading for an egg but then get sidetracked by a leaf or twig on the ground instead...squirrel! But surprisingly, he did great collecting eggs with some help from dad. I recorded the adventure, and it is precious! (Note: I'm fully aware I overuse the words "precious" and "cute" when talking about my Jetty Roo!)
 After the egg hunt, we went back to our house with my parents, who tagged along, for grilled hot dogs and brats and my scrumptious Chinese chicken salad that I devour. So delicious! I love that summer feels like it's on its way. We also gave the boys their Easter baskets, which had quite the variety of goodies. They both got summer flip-flops (Nike vs. Carter's), two T-shirts (Tony Hawk & Puma vs. firetruck & pirate ship), and a DVD (Dennis the Menace vs. The Aristocats). In place of lots of Reese's or Butterfinger eggs for Jett, he got a musical circus book, a dinosaur, and a fun frog toy that stands up that you put ball toys in his mouth that then spiral down a ramp and back out. For Jett's basket, Jake also found a package of jelly beans with Mickey Mouse on it, so Jett did get to have those for a treat, which of course he loved. Meanwhile, I'm enjoying the leftover Reese's and Butterfinger eggs.
Jett's Easter Egg Hunt Video: